Kiltz's Mighty Tribe
Kiltz's Mighty Tribe

Welcome to Kiltz's Mighty Tribe

Join me on the journey to revolutionize the world of health through Dr. Kiltz's Carnivore Way™!

About Me

I am the Founder and Director of CNY Fertility, where I've spent more than two decades helping families grow.  Through my clinical fertility work, I've seen how eating a Keto/Carnivore diet and evolving one's lifestyle habits can vastly improve fertility and overall health.

This has inspired me to share my knowledge, and the expertise of other Keto/Carnivore thought leaders with you. Together we are discovering how an ancestral way of eating can help you optimize your health and wellness!

The Carnivore Story

For decades we’ve been told that a plant-based diet is the ticket to health and that meat will kill you. In a world that blindly accepts these stories, the carnivore diet is as nutritionally extreme as you can get. The thing is, when we consider the historical evidence for human carnivory, the incredible abundance of nutrients (and avoidance of antinutrients and plant toxins) in a carnivore diet, along with high-quality emerging science questioning the old anti-meat studies, the carnivore diet begins to sound, not just normal, but optimal.

What We are Creating

We are creating a new space to enhance engagement between Ketovores, Carnivores, Fatovores, and anyone/everyone looking to reclaim their health. Our tribe will enable you to build new relationships, share ideas, and stay inspired.

Conversations within the community are supported by those actually eating a Keto/Carnivore diet!

You are encouraged to dive right in and learn all you can about eating a Keto/Carnivore diet and making positive lifestyle changes to build your best life. Let's revolutionize the world of health and wellness!

What's Inside

Direct access to high-quality keto/carnivore-related content,  community events, keto/carnivore eating guides, recipes, groups, specialized programs, and more!